Title: YMCA Library

Creator: G. Gorce

Description: Black and white photograph of Soldiers reading in the Y  hut library at Saint Nazaire fire station, France. Notes on back of photo: Y Hut library, camp 3, St. Nazaire. April 6,1919. S.H.R. G. Gorce Editions d’art, publications illustrees. 19, rue Lafayette, Paris, 9e.

Subject: WWI, World War, 1914-1918, Saint-Nazaire, France. American Library Association. Library War Service.

Date: 1919

Format: 7” x 9”  black and white photograph

Contributors: ALA, the American Library in Paris

Source: the American Library in Paris archives, file 1, no. 80

Rights: No known restrictions.

A beautiful bookshop in Brazil

The people of Brazil have something else to cheer about in addition the recent World Cup festivities. Check out the Livraria Cultura bookshop in São Paulo designed by Studio MK-27.

The goal was to create a bookshop that doubled as a meeting place and as these images attest they seem to have done a fine job. The open well-light floor plan allows for a comfortable shopping experience as well as encouraging customers to hang around and enjoy the space.

All photos by Fernando Guerra I FG+SG

More images and background at ArchDaily: Cultura Bookstore / Studio MK27

A Cut Above: Barbershop serves up a side of books with haircuts

“The barbershop is based on men coming together grooming each other to become better men, and I think books and education is a fundamental part of that,” says  Reggie Ross, the owner of Royal Touch Barbershop 

In Palm Beach County, Florida, where the shop is located, the graduation rate for African American boys is 50%.

We also know that the less money one’s family has the less likely there are books at home.

So Ross offers his young visitors books to read while they wait and when they are in the chair.  There is now television or radio to divert their attention.

 The unique offering which takes place twice a month features the barbers and volunteers helping the kids select books which they will read and discuss during their time at the shop.

Self-Portraits by Pierre Beteille: Bringing Good Books to Life  

French photographer Pierre Beteille  has produced a series of self portraits where, with a little digital magic, the text and the reader morph into some pretty cool imagery. From  Robinson Crusoe to Charles Bukowski’s Notes of a Dirty Old Man and plenty in between enjoy this trip through Beteille’s reading life.

See the rest of the portfolio at 500px ISO

h/t Shelf Awareness