Ruetemple’s outdoor book spaces

Here are some Russian-made products worthy of importing. Ruetemple is an amazing architectural studio working out of Moscow. Their three book-related projects are each beautifully designed, incredibly functional and fit perfectly in an outdoor environment. They have at times, been placed in parks around Moscow.

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The Horror, The Horror! Books Left for Dead in Abandoned Schools

In an era when most schools and kids have glaring book needs it is an utter tragedy to witness these images. All taken within the last five years and all depicting complete neglect. The breakdown of communication somewhere along the line that allows these books to go to an early death without being utilized somewhere is unconscionable. Granted some of the books might be outdated but they still could be of some use to the book artists.

All images gleaned from the 5,550+ photos in the Abandoned Schools group on Flickr.

Banned Books Week Warm Up: School Board in Oregon fighting over “Persepolis” 

Why wait until Banned Books Week starts next week to start celebrating the madness.

This time we go to Murphy, Oregon where things got a little heated at the Three Rivers School Board meeting.

At issue: Persepolis, an autobiographical graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi about her experiences growing up during the Iranian revolution. 

The ‘problem’: the book contains some questionable language and depicts scenes of torture and some parents want to be able to sign off and give their approval before their kids can enjoy it.

Apparently, one school board member (a librarian) was a little zealous in defending the book, frequently interrupting a parent as he read from it - she wanted to know if he knew what the book was about or if he was just going to read the portions to the board to show where he was offended.

As for where the challenge stands - the parents need to go through the district’s chain of command for requesting a review of “Persepolis,” which involves contacting the superintendent and director of curriculum. Then, if nothing happens, the parents can return to the board for possible action.

Oh, and by the way, Persepolis is on the suggested reading list from the Oregon Department of Education.

The book; however, is currently banned in two places - Chicago public school schools (for seventh graders) and in Iran!

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