Poetry from Portland - Part 2: Tavern Books

Founded by Carl Adamshick and Michael McGriff, Tavern Books is a publisher dedicated to ”printing, promoting, and preserving works of literary vision.”

They are well aware that books are more than words and pay close attention to the design and printing in an effort to “create books that are exceptionally beautiful and a joy to hold. ”

They commission original artwork for every title they publish, and rightly believe that “the dialog between image and text is an essential, meaningful element of a reader’s experience.”

Both Adamshick and McGriff are accomplished poets in their own right who along with the Dickman twins, Michael and Matthew, make up the Portland 4 and are at the core of the blossoming poetry scene both here in the Northwest and across the country.

Here is a selection of titles from their Living Library series and a look at their The Honest Pint subscription series edited by Matthew Dickman where for the price of one pint of beer or an exotic espresso drink you can get real life prose written by a contemporary author that celebrates the work of a poet delivered straight to your door!