Self-Portraits by Pierre Beteille: Bringing Good Books to Life  

French photographer Pierre Beteille  has produced a series of self portraits where, with a little digital magic, the text and the reader morph into some pretty cool imagery. From  Robinson Crusoe to Charles Bukowski’s Notes of a Dirty Old Man and plenty in between enjoy this trip through Beteille’s reading life.

See the rest of the portfolio at 500px ISO

h/t Shelf Awareness

Holy Robot: Exhibit features robotic rendering of the Torah 

"The Creation of the World. Illustrated Manuscripts from the Braginsky Collection,” currently on view at the Berlin Jewish Museum features both a robot and a rabbi transcribing the torah.

The yet unnamed Torah-writing robot comes to us courtesy of the German artists’ group robotlab. The installation is titled”bios [torah]” and:

refers to the activity of Torah writing performed in the Jewish tradition by a specially trained scribe, the Sofer. While the Sofer guarantees the sanctity of the Scripture, the installation highlights its industrial reproducibility. It simulates a centuries-old cultural technique that has long since been overtaken by media developments…The installation title refers to an elementary component of computer technology, the Basic Input Output System (BIOS). BIOS is the system upon which all other computer programs build and is thus as fundamental to the development of the machine as Scriptures are to the cultural history of mankind.

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