Of Interest: The Scribe, Etiquette for Freedom, Cocktails for Book Lovers, and some worthy bookseller catalogs

Still looking for some late summer reads and acquisitions? Here are some recent books and bookseller catalogs that have struck our fancy.

 The Scribe by Antonio Garrido. Translated by Simon Bruni.

Really enjoyed this one. Though I am not much of an historical fiction reader this one caught me and kept me in. We’re talking 8th century and a time where woman had about as much status as an animal. We follow Theresa a women who thanks to her dad, defies all convention. She’s literate, educated and adept at the craft of making parchment. These skills make for a very interesting journey in which the fate of King Charlemagne’s empire hangs in the balance. Published by Amazon Crossing, 2013.

 The Etiquette of Freedom: Gary Snyder, Jim Harrison and the Practice of the Wild

"The lessons we learn from the wild become the etiquette of freedom"  - Gary Snyder from The Practice of the Wild

"A writer is a bit of a shaman with a portfolio" -  Jim Harrison

What happens when you get two literary heavyweights with a conscience together? Nothing short of magic.  A companion to the film (DVD included with book),  Gary Snyder and Jim Harrison converse on “what it means to be wild and alive.”

Essential reading and worth a watch too. Published by Counterpoint, 2010. Available here

 Cocktails for Book Lovers by Tessa Smith McGovern

Collection of 50 original and classic cocktail recipes based on works by famous authors and popular drinks of their era.

From Charlotte Bronte to Junot Diaz there should be something in here that will make you go yum. Published by sourcebooks.


Radical Americana, Social Movements, and Proletarian Art & Literature from Lorne Blair

Women of Influence from Henry Southern

Short list of broadsides and posters covering several centuries and including items in English, Russian, German, and Bulgarian from ZH Books

AIDS: Silence = DeathA selection of agitational, educational and denialist materials from around the world from Bolerium Books

Straightjacket by Joseph DeCamillis

Joseph DeCamillis is a self described life-long reader. He was on the creative writing path when the art bug got him and he’s never looked back. For the last 10 plus years his focus has been on book inspired art. One jewel is his autobiographical Straightjacket, an assemblage of hardback book covers and various items of deconstructed clothing.

DeCamillis had two criteria for choosing the books used:

1.  Reading the book had a major impact on his personality at some stage of his life
2.  Title and/or subject of the book connects to some piece of his past.

His tag line for the piece is “What You Read is What You Get”

 More photos: Straightjacket - Joseph DeCamillis 

Flavorwire highlights DeCamillis’ amazing miniature paintings on old books