Norman Mailer does Picasso 

Who knew that Norman Mailer had a drawing side. The two-time Pulitzer Prize winning author and literary legend also had a penchant for drawing and one of his major influences happened to be Pablo Picasso. 

A gallery of Mailer’s Picasso-inspired drawings is now on view at POBA, a new online platform devoted to “preserving, showcasing, and promoting the work of artists who died without recognition of the full measure of their talents.”

 Taking its name from the phonetic pronunciation of the Tibetan word “phowa,” which refers to the transfer of consciousness at death to a new life, POBA plans to digitally preserve works in all artistic disciplines. In the coming months, POBA will also present special online events such as streamed performances, readings of selected works, and curated exhibits with video introductions. 

 A bookstore gets a new cover

The new facade of the Pioneer Bookstore in Provo, Utah is all about the books.

In less than a week a group of decorative artists transformed the dreary storefront into a welcoming entrance covered in books.

As to where the impetus for such a biblio-facade came from, look no further than the Kansas City Library which then led to one in the Ukraine.

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Celebrate International Zine Month!

The history of zines in popular culture dates back to the mid-twentieth century when science fiction fans created their own publications. By the late 1970s, zines were synonymous with the punk rock DIY attitude – anyone with access to a photocopier could produce a zine about their favorite music. In addition to documenting local or regional fan culture, zines often include interviews with performers and reviews of concerts that cannot be found in mainstream publications, so they make a fantastic and unique popular music research resource!

Did you know that there are a number of serial publications, like No Fun, that are in our collection but not yet cataloged? If you’re ever looking for a title and can’t find it in our online catalog, please contact us to double check that its not in our unprocessed backlog!




Title: YMCA Library

Creator: G. Gorce

Description: Black and white photograph of Soldiers reading in the Y  hut library at Saint Nazaire fire station, France. Notes on back of photo: Y Hut library, camp 3, St. Nazaire. April 6,1919. S.H.R. G. Gorce Editions d’art, publications illustrees. 19, rue Lafayette, Paris, 9e.

Subject: WWI, World War, 1914-1918, Saint-Nazaire, France. American Library Association. Library War Service.

Date: 1919

Format: 7” x 9”  black and white photograph

Contributors: ALA, the American Library in Paris

Source: the American Library in Paris archives, file 1, no. 80

Rights: No known restrictions.